Gina Nigro, DD, CHT - Psychic Medium & Metaphysical Consultant

Office Located at
Isis Books & Gifts Healing Oasis
2775 S. Broadway
Englewood, CO 80113
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Appointments are available Monday through Saturday in person & by phone or in the privacy of your home. 

I’m here to remind you of free will and the power to influence and create your own future.  There are many possible outcomes and while each path can be seen, the outcome rests with you.  Predictions can be made for possible futures and timing but can turn on a dime when free will is exercised.  Not only does one’s own will and desire influence outcomes, but also the will and desire of others.  In my opinion, readings are more helpful and powerful when focused on you, the client, rather than someone else whom you cannot influence.

A “good reading”should be accurate and fun.  The more information you give, the faster and deeper  the reading can be.  I have easy time accessing information. However, I’m not a gumball machine. When there are no specific question, I cherry pick and become open to ANY information.  There’s no telling what will come.  It’s frustrating remote viewing what your morning looked like or getting messages about your office layout when you’re really interested in relationships or career. Typically, non-directed sessions involve finding the question to answers you already possess, unraveling the strange and unusual or consulting oracles.  I assume if someone spends hard earned money to come see me I don’t need to prove I’m psychic.  I truly love my work and prefer to get down to business

Taking notes is a great idea.  It allows for a review of the reading as time goes by so it can inspire or provide new insight.  Recording sessions is awesome as is taking photos of the cards for future visual reference. 

Bringing another person to the reading can occasionally be helpful.  It provides two sets of ears and a sounding board as you experience the reading in the future.  Privacy is important and I reserve the right to sensor or delicately present information and messages based on my observation and intuition.  Invariably, the person who is the focus of the reading understands the information and the companion typically does not.  I leave it up to them whether they choose to share.

Bone Casting
Dealing With Difficult People
Psychic Development


Guided Imagery
Relaxation & Stress Reduction
Self Hypnosis
Increasing Intuition
Future Life Progression
Trance Exploration
Hypnosis Instruction
Past Life Regression
Spirit Guide Contact

Dealing With Difficult People


House or Personal Clearings
Blessings & Dedications
Ritual Development
Re-commitment Ceremonies



Groups & Parties

Exceeding expectations are my specialty!  I do group readings for both large and small groups and I'm available for all types of parties and celebrations.  The unique desires of each host are considered when planning for appearances.  Please contact me directly so we can talk about your needs and desires.  


Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a fantastic way to let someone special know you've been thinking of them!  Certificates are non-refundable & have a 6 month expiration from the date of purchase and can be redeemed at any time.  Your heirloom quality certificate will delight that special person in your life.
Enjoy giving freely!

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