Gina Nigro, DD, CHT - Intuitive & Metaphysical Consultant

2775 S. Broadway
Englewood, CO 80113
Ph: 303-482-5490

Private appointments are available Monday through Saturday in person & by phone or Skype. 

Dealing With Difficult People
Psychic Development



Deep trance work requires a greater commitment of time.  Sessions are  approximately 1 hour in length. There's no additional charge if the sessions run over, however, please be aware that 1 hour  is an approximate time frame when planning your appointment.  I do not provide psychotherapy or any type of counseling, however, I can to refer you to a qualified person who does!

Guided Imagery
Relaxation & Stress Reduction
Self Hypnosis
Increasing Intuition
Future Life Progression
Trance Exploration
Hypnosis Instruction
Past Life Regression
Spirit Guide Contact
Forensic Services


Dealing With Difficult People

From time to time everyone looks for information and help to move to the next level personally or professionally.  It's easy to get caught up in habits, patterns and thoughts that make it difficult to move ahead.  Perhaps this is a relationship with a difficult person, habits that prevent you from reaching your best and highest or beliefs that keep you feeling trapped.
It may be that you have an employee that is vital to the workings    of your company that's had a reversal of  fortune and needs an intervention or perhaps someone you would like to groom for  a greater role.  Providing Coaching for that person can be a sign of your hope and faith or relieve you of guilt - knowing that they had every opportunity and individual attention to address their issue - whatever it might be.  So often, the smallest amount of energy  spent can reap huge returns on investment.

I want to personally encourage you;  it's possible to enjoy a whole new way of being that brings inner peace, fulfillment, clarity of purpose and increased motivation. 

You'll  not be encouraged to commit to long contracts for coaching.  You will, however, be required to schedule the  appointments  in advance.  On site visits are available.

Spiritual Consultation

 Due to the sensitive nature of this work prices can vary.  Please contact me for a free consultation or send me an email detailing your  need.

House or Personal Clearings
Blessings & Dedications
Ritual Development
Re-commitment Ceremonies
End of Life Companionship

Groups & Parties

Exceeding expectations are my specialty!  I do group readings for both large and small groups and I'm available for all types of parties and celebrations.  The unique desires of each host are considered when planning for appearances.  Please contact me directly so we can talk about your needs and desires.  
Parties requiring travel need to be scheduled a minimum of 30 days in advance and payment of  travel expenses  (including lodging) are the hosts responsibility.  Additional props & costume options are available and once selected cannot be changed.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a fantastic way to let someone spacial know you've been thinking of them!  Certificates are non-refundable,  have a one year expiration from the date of purchase and can be redeemed at any time.  Your heirloom quality certificate will delight that special person in your life.
Enjoy giving freely!

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