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Gina Nigro
Psychic Medium

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A “good reading”should be accurate and fun.  The more information you give, the faster and deeper  the reading can go.  The first course of action, in any reading, is to stay true to the purpose: getting the answers to some questions!  Don't forget about any questions concerning the paranormal or further development of your own psychic abilities.

Taking notes is a great idea.  It allows for a review of the reading as time goes by so it can inspire or provide new insight.  Recording sessions is awesome, as is taking photos of the cards for future visual reference. 

Bringing another person to the reading can also be helpful.  It provides two sets of ears and a sounding board as you experience the reading in the future.  Privacy is important and I am able to discreetly & delicately present information and messages.  Anything or anyone that increases the feeling of ease is encouraged to be present during the reading. 

               Love, Money & Career


         Paranormal Investigations
         House & Property Clearings
         Personal Clearing

Future, Parallel & Past Life Regression       
Guided Imagery
Relaxation & Stress Reduction
Spirit Guide Contact



                             Dealing With Difficult People
                             Psychic Developement


Parties & Groups

Readings for both large and small groups are tailored to the desires of each unique host.  Please contact me directly so we can talk about your needs and desires.  



                     House & Property Clearings
                     Ritual Development
                     Re-commitment Ceremonies 

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a fantastic way to let someone special know you've been thinking of them!  Certificates are non-refundable & have a 6 month expiration from the date of purchase and can be redeemed at any time.  Your heirloom quality certificate will delight that special person in your life.
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