Gina Nigro, DD, CHT - Psychic Medium & Metaphysical Consultant

Hypnosisis my specialty!  I'm a Board Certified Clinical Forensic Hypnotist and have extensive experience dealing with the mind and human behavior.  I employ multiple techniques and provide instruction on self hypnosis as well as advice on how to influence others using suggestion and the 8 Rules Of The Mind.

Trance is a natural state. According to the World Health Organization, 90% of the general population can be hypnotized.  The subconscious and unconscious mind account for 87-97% of the brains activity depending on age and development.  In a state of hypnosis a person can’t be convinced to do anything against their will, fall under the “spell” of someone else, divulge secrets or be stuck in a hypnotic trance.  Everything that happens will be remembered.  Hypnosis in popular media has been greatly confused with brain washing and mind control.  I induce states of hypnosis for my client so they can contact guides, experience relaxation, remote view and increase intuition.  Past life regressions, future life progression, guided imagery and trance exploration are are the most frequently requested.  I do not provide psychotherapy or any type of counseling, therefore, I do not provide hypnosis for any emotional issues or trauma.

Hypnosis (or trance) uses are myriad and can be employed for all of the following, as well as many not listed here:

Behavior & Influence
Guided Imagery
Relaxation & Stress Reduction
Self Hypnosis
Increasing Intuition
Trance Exploration
Hypnosis Instruction

Past Life Regressionused to connect with your past lives.  In my experience, past lives have a beginning, middle and end.  There can be many answers for memories of another existence.  One possibility is that in another incarnation a person acted as a guide, was an attaching spirit or for any other various reason entered into another person.  Thus, recollections are created in fragments.  A Past Life Regression can be useful in discerning the source of visions and remembrances.

If time is not linear, it's possible when one acts in this life,  the past life is also affected, and the reverse.  It is very important to anchor choices in the present moment.  After all, this is the life you are living right now.  Every decision, course of action, lesson learned, personal patterns and new insight can have an effect on our past lives, therefore, completely changing our future (or present) life.  As the saying goes, "There's no time like the present."  In essence, a person is effecting the past in the present, or the present in the past, as the case may be.

It's easy to slip into remote viewing while experiencing a regression or progression   Remote viewing is much different that going back into the person or thing you were in the past.  In this case, the experience varies in that the past life is seen and experienced as if transported there to observe in real time.

Future Life Progression is being projected into a possible future.  There are many paths into the future.  A life progression can enable a glimpse into the future of certain paths and thereby enhance the ability to bring intentions to fruition.  Sometimes, all paths lead to the same outcome.  For example, debate about what business venture to pursue is a matter of preference if all opportunities lead to the same end.  If every choice presented is seen to have a successful conclusion, the real issue becomes about preference, joy, ease, harmony and the like.  If the prevailing wisdom is "hard work and sacrifice brings success" then the most difficult path may seem rewarding. Conversely, if the belief is "life should be easy & fun"  the direction with the most momentum will feel better.  Regardless, the outcome is the same.  Success.

Contacting Guides whether they are human spirits, guides, angels or a higher self is possible using trance (aka Hypnosis).  While there's no guarantee that the spirit sought will communicate if an attempt is made to compel it (especially in the case of people who have passed), it's rare that there is zero communication with other dimensional beings.  Powers, entities, personalities, whatever we choose to call them, also have free will and desires. 

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