Gina Nigro, DD, CHT - Psychic Medium & Metaphysical Consultant

Palmistry  Criticism of palmistry due to its "lack of empirical evidence" for efficacy and accuracy has largely been dispelled.  Simply stated, this is inaccurate.  The advent of forensics and psychodiagnostic tools have brought palmistry into the forefront of the sciences.  Ironically, handwriting analysis and fingerprinting have become widely used and accepted. 

The study of the palm in relationship to individual psychology is called Psychodiagnostic Chirology. It's application, reasonably enough, has always been very limited to biological and organic disorders.  The concept that the hand is a reliable source of information concerning deeper aspects of the individual has been slow to take traction in the behavioral sciences due to its association with charlatanry. 

Studies in the field of Psychiatric Biology have linked the brain to and the hand in a concrete fashion through a firm foundation in scientific principles and evidence.  Research into the connection between the palm and the cerebral cortex has been exhaustive.  For further study on the subject I recommend The Illustrated Textbook Of Psychodiagnostic Chirology In Analysis And Therapy: The Science of Handreading In Psychological Diagnosis.

Commonly practiced palmistry can be separated into various disciplines and it's always advisable to clarify what method will be employed:

  • Dermatoglyphics – finger prints,  palmar skin patters,
  • Chirognomy – mounts of the palm & fingers
  • Psychodiagnostic Chirology – various methods for psychological profile
  • Chiromancy/Chirology – interpretation of the lines on the palm

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