Gina Nigro, DD, CHT - Psychic Medium & Metaphysical Consultant

Tarot  typically consists of  78 cards which are drawn and their interpretation is based on whether the card is right side up or upside down and their placement in relationship to other cards.  It was popularized in the 15 century and is now widely available.  There is an exhaustive range of tarot decks available from traditional to modern/eclectic.  The varieties are endless and many decks can be found that are specific to culture and philosophy.  

When consulting Tarot, the idea is to allow the message to come through the cards.  Tarot imagery includes elements of astrology, numerology, the zodiac, alchemy, the Quabala and may others.   

Cartomancy is the use of traditional playing cards, which were introduced in the 14 century.  The most popular method is called the Wheel Of Fortune.   Cards are selected at random and the significance interpreted by the order/relationship to the cards in the order they were drawn.  Meanings of cards vary by regions, however, generally they have the same meaning.  There are about as many methods of placing or laying out of cards as there are card readers.
The client seeking answers is called the Querant.  Whether or not the Querant is permitted to shuffle or touch the cards is an individual choice of the reader and can often vary depending on the intuition of the reader. There are some who believe cards should not be accepted as a gift or purchased  if they have been previously used.  The idea is to protect the cards from absorbing any negative energy or being exposed to unwanted vibrations. Many methods of clearing and storing cards are used.  They include storing in a silk cloth, cotton drawstring bags or boxes.         

Most readers have specific methods of clearing and consecrating the cards. Generally, there's an awareness of when this becomes necessary   Perhaps there's a feeling that "something isn't right" or a sense of not connecting.  Some reasons why there may be a compulsion to clear the deck:

  • After a particularly negative reading or low vibrating client
  • Other people have touched the cards
  • In the case of a  newly purchased used deck
  • Readings feel unclear, disconnected or stuck
  • Cards have fallen on the floor or had some other "accident"
  • The deck has gone unused for quite some time

Rituals for cleansing are so extensive it is impossible to cover them all. Clearing work is personal an depends on different factors.  Religious and cultural beliefs, connection with God (as one sees him, her or it) and a myriad of personal illuminations are only a few of the influences on the work.  Astrological and moon influences can also have a great impact.  A few popular ways are:

  • Moon Bath
  • Sorting and shuffling
  • Meditation
  • Salt burial
  • Smudging
  • Crystals

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