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My name is Roger Mendoza. I've written a book about a past life that I had.
The book is called "My Little Cowboy".  In my acknowledgements I added a thank you to you...
you gave me a past life hypnosis session...Anyhow, I put a portion of the session in the book to show how my story was validated by my regression...I’m very proud of my book and would not have published it without the validation that your past life regression session gave me. Thank you so much.
Roger Mendoza, Author
Parker, CO

Gina quickly assessed my unusual situation after one brief conversation. She addressed my problems from two perspectives: my personality and the outer situation, both of which created the issue. Moreover, she gave me concrete ideas with which to confront and solve my problem. I have referred her to family members as a testimony to my positive experience with her.
Susan in Connecticut  

Gina's psychic perception is accurate and her delivery of her insights is humorous and warm. Gina is the real deal; the information she gave me was extremely helpful in moving forward in my career. Over the years I've met a number of psychics.  In my experience, Gina is one of the best.
Maureen in Denver, CO

Gina has the uncanny knack for knowing exactly what you need at a soul level.  I met her through a recommendation from someone I trust and I'm so happy I went to see her.  Gina will tell it to you straight and her words are for your best "good".  No fluff here just love and honesty. I'm blessed to know this strong, amazing, insightful woman.
Development Officer Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations  

Gina, I wanted to thank you properly for blessing me with your reading and wisdom. I took in whole-heartedly what you and the coins were saying. Be strong in myself and not let others influence me. Also that I am loving and lovable and so is my mother but we have a veil in consciousness that needs to be shifted. I appreciate your straight forward advise and caring nature. It went along way in nourishing me. As I move through this shift I would like to call on you again for support if needed. Best wishes and Happy New Year,
Marnie in Denver, CO

Are you frustrated with what seems to be an array of dead ends in your life or are you looking for a way to breakthrough lifelong obstacles.  No matter what you might be experiencing I invite you to spend some time with Gina.  Working with her was like turning the lights on in a dark room.
R.S., Shaman & Wise Man in Denver, CO

...The house has been quite it is a MUCH different place to live! Thank you and your lovely team for that.’s unbelievable how fresh it feels. We would be very interested in hearing the EVP’s you picked up! Thanks again for everything, you and your team gave (us)  our lives back. Looking forward to hearing the EVP’s, hope you have a blessed day!
L.M., Marketing Director, Aesthetic Surgery Center

My friend greatly enjoyed her reading and my experiences with you have been nothing short of
inspirational. Thank you so much!
Jan in Denver, CO

That was such an amazing experience!  Thanks again, can't wait to see you again.
D.C. in Denver, CO

I'm still trying to piece together your last reading results. This one was tricky. But imagine my surprise when (as usual!!!) you blew my mind away.
M.J. in Castle Rock, CO

Thank you for the reading - I feel good about it and my future.
Fred in Aurora, CO

I've been seeing Gina Nigro regularly for Tarot readings for a year and a
half now, and I trust her intuition and guidance beyond measure! Beyond her
wonderful gift, she also gives sound, measured advice that makes me look at
conflicts from different angles in ways I may have never thought of before.
I'd recommend a session with Gina to anybody I know, and do often!
Mandee in Denver, CO

Thank you so much!
Marsha in Denver, CO

I just wanted to thank you so much for my reading yesterday. I feel so much better than I have in several months. Your reading and advice really helped me to shift my thinking/energy to a much more positive place. I can't thank-you enough. 
Tiffany M. in Highlands Rnch, CO

A few months ago I had a reading with you ... the first thing you said to me was that I'll survive the layoffs at my company. At the time, I knew my company was doing well so that took me a bit by surprise.  Sure enough - layoffs came the first of February and I did survive the cut. You also told me that someone I worked with in the past would come back into the picture in February.  Last Thursday I was looking at my Facebook messages and checked my Spam folder.  Well, there was a message from him from two years ago.  We're since back in contact.  I'm really impressed!
Hadley B.  Denver, CO

Thank you Gina! I wish I had taken notes.
Gerry in Denver

I can't believe it! Everything happened exactly as you said it would.  You're amazing.  I'm so glad I called.  I can't wait to talk to you again.
Alexis in San Antonio, TX

I've had many readings in the past and you're the best.  My friend had a wonderful birthday and you were right on.  Thanks again for making her day a special one.  What a great first reading for her.
J.P. Cardiologist in Denver, CO

We can never express our appreciation for the wonderful job you did.  The hand fasting ceremony was so precious, we feel blessed you were able to be a part of it.  We can't wait to see you next year when we renew our commitment.
Al and Sarah in Highlands Ranch

All I can say is WOW!  That was the best reading I ever had.
Bev in Longmont, CO

I asked Gina about a friend who passed away a few months back...she was like yes,
and her sister has a boyfriend and I said I didn't think so.  I didn't know
her sister had a boyfriend and the next day a picture was on Facebook of
her new boyfriend.  I don't believe that could be coincidental.  She is the
Wishes To Remain Anonymous in Glendale, CO

My mom was so thrilled with the reading you gave her!  She said you were right on.  She's already talking about seeing you when she visits next.  You're sense of humor is one of a kind.
Lynn R. in Vail, CO

I really appreciate you making the time to see us.  We took all the things we heard and put them into practice.  You were so right!  Things turned around immediately.  What a shock.  We'll be back soon!  Namaste.
Mark and Sarah, Business Owners in Denver, CO

I just wanted to let you know the relaxation session we did together is still paying dividends.  I don't know how you did it.  Thanks, it changed my life.
Valerie in Parker, CO

Thanks for doing our party.  Everybody enjoyed it so much.  The feedback has been great!  We definitely want to have you back next year.  BTW, the costume was awesome!  Our friends were amazed and couldn't stop talking about it after you left. 
Dan and Shelli in  Westminster, CO

When I walked in for a reading you first said, "You are clairvoyant."  This gave me the push to move forward and develop my abilities.  Thank you!
Merrie S. in Denver, CO

I have had numerous readings with Gina, and all of have been very helpful.
Gina has an ability to accurately depict and describe future events and
situations. Her descriptions are incredibly and amazingly thorough and
detailed.  Gina once explained a  barn I would be leasing in the near
future. She described the broken floor panels, the rat droppings and the
dark stall. She also said the barn was well built but that it needed some
TLC. A year and half after this description, I found this barn to rent.
Imagine my surprise that it was exactly as Gina said it would be. The barn
was well built be needed some work, there were rat droppings all over the
place, the floor panels needed to be replaced! It was a bit unnerving how
accurate Gina's reading was. Such strong validation and physical evidence
can be mind blowing but also very reassuring. I feel honored and blessed to
work with Gina.
Jane K. in California

Best intuitive EVER!
Char in Keystone, CO

Gina helped me trust my own intuition and it changed my life.  I FINALLY have my confidence back.  Thanks Gina
Mark J. in Aurora, CO

I have been seeing Gina for a couple of years. I have talked to many other
psychics out there but Gina has always been the most accurate with me and I
have an incredible connection with her and personally I think that is
important when you are wanting a good reader.  Gina is always spot on with
me and she does not like to sugarcoat things for you. She will tell you how
it is and I prefer this though because I do not ever want to get my hopes
up for something that is not going to happen or work out just to feel
better for a quick minute.  Last year I was really struggling to find a job
and she kept on telling me it was not going to happen for a couple more
months.  She predicted I would have a job by the end of 2012, she was spot
on, I got hired in December.  She has also been really correct with
questions and guidance towards my love life.  She is my go to when I need
to know how to move forward with something and I want the truth and
accuracy.  I highly recommend Gina if you are needing guidance and
clarification into the future or past.
Meg in Glendale, CO

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